WSIB, Insurance & Affiliations

  • Our staff are employees, never contractors, and meet Ministry of Labour and Health Standards
  • Employees are payroll compliant to CRA standards
  • $5M liability coverage carried to protect our company, our employees and our clients
  • All employees are registered with the WSIB and are fully covered/insured. As a result…we, our clients, the LCBO or venue are covered

WSIB stands for Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. It used to be called the Workers Compensation Board. The WSIB is an Ontario government agency. It works like this:

  • Employers contribute to a province-wide insurance fund. Contributions (insurance premiums) are based on the employer’s payroll and the accident experience in their industry. Mining companies, for example, pay more than restaurants.
  • Injured workers are compensated by the WSIB on a “No Fault” basis. This means that compensation is paid no matter who is at fault, the employer, the employee or someone else. In return for automatic compensation, the employer is shielded from any other liability. This means you cannot sue your employer for negligence if that negligence causes a work-related injury or disease.
  • The main focus of the WSIB system is to get the injured worker back to his or her work as soon as practicable. The worker and the employer must cooperate towards this goal. If the injured worker cannot perform his or her regular work, the employer may offer suitable modified work that the worker can perform without aggravating the injury. If the work is, in fact, suitable the injured worker must accept it.
  • Most WSIB claims are straightforward. The injured worker is paid benefits while recovering and returns to his or her regular work. But some cases are complicated and may take time to resolve. Some injured workers are denied WSIB benefits or have their benefits stopped by the WSIB. In these “problem cases” help is available for injured workers. Contact the Union for assistance and advice.


I’m a Temp. Am I covered by the WSIB?
Yes. Your employment status does not matter. You are covered from the very first minute on the job.

If I have an accident early in my shift and can’t continue working, do I lose that day’s pay?
No. Your employer must pay you for the balance of your scheduled shift

I was injured in a car accident on my way to work. Am I covered by WSIB?
No. However, if you are a truck driver and you are in an accident while on the job, you are covered.

 I slipped on some ice just outside the store. Am I covered?
You may be, if you were injured on premises under your employer’s control. Call your manager who will call WSIB and help you seek medical attention.

Good Day John: As you know I represent Advantage Prevention Claims Management Inc.

I have attached a copy of the WSIB Clearance Certificate for your company, Bevsupport Corp. This indicates that your company is duly registered with the WSIB, and that all your employees working at client locations or in The LCBO locations when your are conducting tastings on their behalf, are covered for workplace insurance purposes. It is mandatory for any company who places workers in a client’s location or for a client in another location, to have and provide when requested by the client, a WSIB Clearance Certificate to the client. If the company does not have WSIB coverage for its workers (whether called contractors or employees)and cannot provide a current WSIB Clearance Certificate, the client will be liable for the full costs of any injuries that happen to the company’s workers at the client’s location or for a client in another location.”

Thank you,
— AJ Dobson, for Advantage PCM

Advantage Prevention Claims Management Inc.

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